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Bakery Ownership: Are You the Ideal Candidate?

Bakery Ownership: Are You the Ideal Candidate?

Have you ever considered the role that bread could play in your future? Not in your diet, but in your career!

Ours isn’t the typical day job. When people end up meeting the owners of House of Bread, a neighborhood bread bakery and cafe, they are surprised that we are there every day, in the mix and engaged with any customer who wants to talk and ask questions. Most are quick to ask how we got into this line of work. The business was born from a desire to bring healthy, nutritious homemade bread to the community, along with the founder’s wish to share the unforgettable recipes from her childhood.

You probably know plenty of individuals who want to own their own business, yet years pass by while they continue to toss around ideas in search of the perfect opportunity. We created this franchise opportunity because there is an overwhelming demand for it just three years after the original bakery opened. Plus, why wait for someone else to do it when you know that patrons will always seek out delicious, quality food?

The customers we serve depend on us for consistently yummy, wholesome bread and cafe fare. They want meals they enjoy themselves but also the kind they can happily bring home for families and friends to relish. You might be wondering whether you’re the kind of person who could make it happen. We hope so! In fact, most likely so, but we want to know whether you’re the kind of person who would enjoy it.

How much do you love bread? Is wellness a passion of yours, too? Whether or not you have extensive retail experience, do you consider yourself to be someone who has business sense? Are you a sociable person who enjoys sharing stories and tips with people? House of Bread franchisees have all these qualities, and they are approachable leaders who are determined to run a successful business. Oftentimes the bakery takes on a unique position within the community as a social hub, meeting place, go-to for catering and even a friendly spot for those who need a few scrumptious moments to themselves.

We wish everyone could experience the personal reward that comes from providing excellent customer service and supporting the livelihood of good employees. We’re sure there are plenty of people like us who have an entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for providing food so satisfying that it keeps people coming back for more. Are you one of them? We want to hear from you.